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Name:Jace Wayland
"Usually I'm remarkably good-natured. Try me on any day that doesn't end in 'y'."

He gives the impression of holding most people in disdain but is quite chivalrous toward women. His charisma, good looks and charm have made him quite the ladies' man and he is somewhat promiscuous. He never forms emotional attachments for more than a short period of time, if at all. Valentine was a domineering and bullying father to Jace and taught him that "to love is to destroy". The only people Jace has any feelings for before meeting Clary are Alec and Isabelle and, to a lesser degree, Maryse and Robert and Max. Jace shares the snobbish attitude toward mundanes and Downworlders that the Lightwoods have in common with Valentine, though he lacks their extremist tendencies. Beneath Jace's flippant exterior lies a soul in constant torment. Jace is filled with a deep-seated rage that he keeps in check most of the time and which he channels into fighting and slaying demons. While Isabelle often dates around to calm her nerves, Jace relaxes by getting into fights. Clary figured that fighting must be to Jace "what sex is to normal people". Jace is a very passionate individual, and when he falls in love with Clary, he does so quite deeply.

[Jace is from the book series The Mortal Instruments. Mun and muse are over 18..]
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